Thursday, 10 August 2017


It was a shocking news when ONNI, Joseph Yusuf (FUPRE Historic Most Powerful Student Leader) confirmed a previously slightly dominating rumor on campus. He confirmed that he would be quitting Students Politics by his 23rd Birthday (that is, 25th of October, 2017). According to him, it would mark 4 years he had actively participated in Students politicking and he thinks it is time to proceed.
Sunday, 6 August 2017

Vote Ferdinard for SUG Director Of Sports

The FUPRE Sport community has often been in a digressing mode and in need of a touch that spring positivity. Fair participation in sports, upgrade of the sporting facilities, transparency, sport innovation, sport players welfare and many more are key area to which we must work of in regards to FUPRE sports, and it’s a sure reality if FERDINARD OGHOGBO OKEPEGBEHE is selected into the office of the Director of Sports.
Friday, 4 August 2017


It's election time and many leaders are already canvassing for votes. Some are already playing humility game while some others are ready to buy votes.

However, it is unfair to make ourselves suffer the same plague again. I ask myself, of all candidates, who deserves our fingerprints? Who deserves our mandate?
Thursday, 8 June 2017

These Are The Things That Make Up A Successful Person And An Unsuccessful Person

When I consider successful people, ideas of apathetic, business-orientated, intimidating people come to mind. Never before have I considered the spirit of those I consider successful, let alone imagined that successful people are actually positive, empathetic and open to those around them as this infographic from Working Moms Only suggests.
Wednesday, 24 May 2017

People Who Are Loud Outside Are Insecure Inside And Have Low Self-Esteem

You probably know that person who is outgoing and charismatic. They are the life of every party and appear to be the epitome of confidence. Yet they take an hour to get ready to go to the shop just to buy some bread. If they were truly that self-assured, why would they need to be so well turned out to do such a menial task?

The reality is that people who are loud and outgoing can often have low self-esteem issues too.1 Often times, they use their personalities to mask how they truly feel inside.

How Universities Will Conduct Admission This Year.

 How Universities will Conduct Admission this Year. After the recent scrapping of post utme exam by the federal government, you might be wondering how the universities will conduct admission this year.
Going by the reactions of candidates over the withdrawal of the list of candidates sent to tertiary institutions for admission consideration by JAMB, it is important we clarify a few things to avoid confusion and ensure candidates are properly guided.
 So here are important things you should know and keep in mind concerning this new development;

Is an Extrovert Really Happier Than an Introvert?Look at the Research Findings

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? You may know straight away or you may think that you’re a mixture of both – most people are. We live in a world that celebrates the extrovert – to be successful and happy in life you need to be outgoing, confident, talkative and sociable. But is this really the case?

With introverts being labelled as quiet, shy and sometimes unsociable it’s no wonder that people would automatically assume a typical introvert is unsuccessful or unhappy. However, maybe it’s time to question this myth and look at introversion as a positive personality trait that almost half the world’s population possesses.

What to Do When Your Loved One Is a Chronic Liar

Nobody likes a liar. It doesn’t take a statistic to know that is a fact. For the most part, spotting a liar is simple, and we can easily disassociate with that person. But sometimes the person who lies, and lies often, is a relative. While everyone lies at some point, trying to love someone who lies in a chronic way can be challenging. This means they lie almost as a reflex. A chronic liar is a compulsive liar, or someone who lies out of habit as a natural way to respond to questions. Most of the time, the lies are pointless and it can be difficult to understand why they felt a lie was necessary. Thankfully chronic liars are not dangerous or manipulative, but certainly frustrating 

When You Lie, Your Brain Is Actually Suffering

Ever hear this: “Don’t lie, your nose will grow!” or “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”? One of the basic lessons of our childhood was to never tell a lie. We all know we shouldn’t lie, yet we seem to do it anyway. In fact, you’ve probably already lied today. Shaking your head “no”? Could be another lie. Research shows that most people tell 1 to 2 lies a day!
We always make excuses for our lies, too. “It’s not pathological lying, it’s a simple white lie.” “I said it so I wouldn’t hurt their feelings.” “I didn’t want to get in trouble.” So, what’s the big deal if everybody else is doing it? Well, as it turns out, lying could be affecting your brain and body.

How to Negotiate with Your Child: When to Give Choices and When to Stand Your Ground

Should you negotiate with your child? Some parents and specialists1 say “never” because it will just undermine your parenting, while others suggest that negotiating with your child teaches them the important soft skill of learning to deal with conflicts2. In reality, it depends on you and your child.

To Negotiate or Not Negotiate? That is the Question.
Circumstance decrees whether areas are open for negotiation with your child or not.
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