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Friday, 12 January 2018

God Laughs Out Loud to Quiet Our Fears

How horrible, and wonderful, it is when God laughs out loud.
His laughter isn’t just side-splitting; it’s world-splitting. His enemies cower in fear. His friends rise in comfort. His laughter warns cosmic traitors of their impending doom, while reminding weak saints that their best is yet to come.

How to Help Your Children Read the Bible

Earnest Christian parents want to help their children learn to read, understand, trust, and love the Bible. But most of us find this to be a significant, even daunting, challenge. The Bible is big and complex enough to intimidate adults. How do we help our children get to know the most important book ever assembled and begin to develop habits of enjoying it daily?

There is no simple formula for success here. Each child is different, and the Holy Spirit works in different ways and at different times with each one. But I have found certain means of grace that generally prove effective. As a parent of five children, as well as a pastor, I’ll share eight that I’ve found helpful.

Abortion: My Words Did Not Save Her Baby By MaryLynn Johnson

Many of us who are pro-life advocates spend most of our time discussing our beliefs within the security of people who think the same way we do. Even as we write, speak, or march in support of the cause, we are mostly surrounded by like-minded people.

Most of us never make it beyond the safety of friends who readily agree with every statement we make. We tend to stay in our distant and comfortable places, where it’s more convenient and less controversial — but every so often, we make the decision to move out of that space and engage someone on a personal level.

Arrogance Is a Hidden Fear That Steals Your Confidence

When people hear you’ve written a book that’s selling around the world, the first question I often hear is “So what’s the biggest fear you see?” Even as I write this, I find it’s hard to hone in on one over all fear. However as a coach, I think one of my most important jobs is to help people build confidence. And the opposite of confidence is fear.

Ever noticed how you are awesome at something and yet pause when asked to do something new related to it?
Found yourself keeping quiet on an idea for fear of what people might think?
Have a burning ambition that you never seem to get around to?
Always one more job that needs to be done before you can send in that article or report or launch that website or share your ground breaking ideas?
Sunday, 3 September 2017

Why the Conscientious Mind Is a Successful Mind

Douglas Hostetter was a conscientious objector to war who found himself faced with the dilemma of having to fulfill his military obligation during the Vietnam War in 1966. As a conscientious objector to war, Douglas refused to carry or use a weapon or participate in any of the violence of war. Instead, he opted to serve by teaching English to Vietnamese children. He also opted to live outside the heavily guarded walls of the American camps. He lived in a bungalow completely exposed to enemy forces. He had no gate, walls or weapons to defend himself. He insisted on fulfilling his service in a non-violent manner and was able to dedicate himself to providing quality education to surrounding Vietnamese villages on his terms.

Being tagged a conscientious person, on the surface, seems to like it would be a pretty good way to be classified. But the truth is that those who truly commit to living a life of conscientiousness subject themselves to a lifetime of sacrifice and to the possibilities of being ostracized and misunderstood.

20 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Your Life Again

Think about the best phase of your life.  What did it look like?  What made it different?  Somewhere in the mix of life, the colors can lose their brilliance.  No worries…it happens to the most of us.  Here are 20 things you can do to add some pizzaz into your life.  Warning: these suggestions are extremely easy to implement and have the power to change your outlook!
Thursday, 10 August 2017


It was a shocking news when ONNI, Joseph Yusuf (FUPRE Historic Most Powerful Student Leader) confirmed a previously slightly dominating rumor on campus. He confirmed that he would be quitting Students Politics by his 23rd Birthday (that is, 25th of October, 2017). According to him, it would mark 4 years he had actively participated in Students politicking and he thinks it is time to proceed.
Sunday, 6 August 2017

Vote Ferdinard for SUG Director Of Sports

The FUPRE Sport community has often been in a digressing mode and in need of a touch that spring positivity. Fair participation in sports, upgrade of the sporting facilities, transparency, sport innovation, sport players welfare and many more are key area to which we must work of in regards to FUPRE sports, and it’s a sure reality if FERDINARD OGHOGBO OKEPEGBEHE is selected into the office of the Director of Sports.
Friday, 4 August 2017


It's election time and many leaders are already canvassing for votes. Some are already playing humility game while some others are ready to buy votes.

However, it is unfair to make ourselves suffer the same plague again. I ask myself, of all candidates, who deserves our fingerprints? Who deserves our mandate?
Thursday, 8 June 2017

These Are The Things That Make Up A Successful Person And An Unsuccessful Person

When I consider successful people, ideas of apathetic, business-orientated, intimidating people come to mind. Never before have I considered the spirit of those I consider successful, let alone imagined that successful people are actually positive, empathetic and open to those around them as this infographic from Working Moms Only suggests.
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