Thursday, 10 August 2017


It was a shocking news when ONNI, Joseph Yusuf (FUPRE Historic Most Powerful Student Leader) confirmed a previously slightly dominating rumor on campus. He confirmed that he would be quitting Students Politics by his 23rd Birthday (that is, 25th of October, 2017). According to him, it would mark 4 years he had actively participated in Students politicking and he thinks it is time to proceed.

It is most especially shocking that he would quit the stage at the same time many similar youths are set to enjoy the splendor of their swift and landmark political credence but in a chat with him yesterday, he said: "I chose to leave the stage when the ovation is loudest" - He claimed to had also learned the principle from one of
his leaders (Olusola Ajibola Jnr.)

Also, he confirmed that he had raised his successor saying: "A leader without a successor is nothing but a failure". He promises to unveil this at his bowing When asked what he has not done but would have loved to do, he expressly said, he was so fulfilled and achieved all his goals within the timeline. He promised that at instances, he would drop some specific letters and it would be crowned by the release of the book, "ONNI, Joseph Yusuf: A Great Campus Leader" whose scripts are currently being compiled When asked what he would be doing at his quitting, he said it would be fully expressed at his quitting It was indeed a great and rare opportunity to have one of the great potentials in the world on the campus of Federal University Of Petroleum Resources, Effurun

Taiwo Hassan
S.A. on Media and Publicity


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