Friday, 4 August 2017


It's election time and many leaders are already canvassing for votes. Some are already playing humility game while some others are ready to buy votes.

However, it is unfair to make ourselves suffer the same plague again. I ask myself, of all candidates, who deserves our fingerprints? Who deserves our mandate?

It is not a man who would promise to build castles in air
It is not a man who is sentimental and money-motivated
It is not a man who would compromise in the face of trials
It is not a man who would wear the toutish garment and oppress us
It is not a man who would convert our joint resources for personal use

Who else does the crown fit? if not Comr. Ohanwe Emmanuel Ikechukwu (popularly known as: Comr. Iyke) who else?
He had served as Secretary General of Nigerian Society of Engineers where he did excellently well

He also served as the Vice President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers where he had a daring pursuit which secured him the acting President. He resuscitated the already weakening body within two month and closed his achievements with FUPRE Maiden Sculpture

He is a great leader with a burning passion for the people
Make up your mind to vote the right mind.

As for Taiwo and His Department We are Voting in Comr. Iyke . I urge you to vote for him Fuprite!!!! Rise up and Shine your Eyes !!!!


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